Sherri GoodmanLet me introduce myself…

I’m Sherri Goodman, Creative Director and Designer of Goodman Graphics.

I have 20+ years helping businesses with their design, marketing, and website design & development. In essence, I help create a consistent visual design across all aspects of a business’ brand for a strong message their customers recognize, building trust and authority in their niche.

My key passion is designing packaging for retail products (both physical and digital) and setting up online retail e-commerce shops.

And when I’m not working the “little gray cells*” with creative ideas and brainstorming marketing concepts, I can be found beekeeping, sewing, or having fun adventures with my husband.

I constantly see opportunity and ideas for business all over the place…so little time, so many ideas! This is great for my clients when they get stuck trying to figure out what to do next. Once I get started in a discussion with them, the ideas start flying out – so much so, we have to make sure we get a recording so we don’t miss anything!

I really like creating a fun customer experience – just like being in the theater – where your story gets told and people just can’t help but be mesmerized and entertained, wanting more. When the rallying cry is “Content is King,” storytelling is key to promote your brand or website.

Let’s get to work right now – just click the button link below and fill out a short contact form and tell me about yourself and what you’d like to achieve.

Let’s create something GREAT together!

* Reference to the character Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie’s detective stories. Hercule often refers to the “little gray cells” when he’s thinking or problem-solving. 🙂

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